Anonymous Sample Ballot Olive Branch, MS 38654 on November 7th 2023

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Governor of Mississippi
Brandon Presley (Dem)
Lieutenant Governor of Mississippi
D. Ryan Grover (Dem)
Mississippi Secretary of State
Ty Pinkins (Dem)
Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce
Robert Bradford (Dem)
Mississippi Commissioner of Insurance
Bruce Burton (Dem)
Mississippi Treasurer
Addie Lee Green (Dem)
Mississippi State Auditor
Larry Bradford (Dem)
Attorney General of Mississippi
Greta Martin (Dem)

State Legislative (Lower)

Mississippi House of Representatives District 6
Michael Chandler (Dem)

State subdivision

Mississippi Public Service Commission Northern District
No Candidate Selected

State Legislative (Upper)

Mississippi State Senate District 19
Sandy Kerr (Dem)

State subdivision

Mississippi Transportation Commission Northern District
No Candidate Selected