Anonymous Sample Ballot Wilson Heights, Charlotte, NC: Primary Election on March 5th 2024

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United States

President of the United States
Joe Biden (Dem, Incumbent)


North Carolina

Governor of North Carolina
Josh Stein (Dem)
Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina
Ben Clark (Dem)
Attorney General of North Carolina
Jeff Jackson (Dem)
North Carolina Secretary of State
Elaine Marshall (Dem)
North Carolina State Auditor
Jessica Holmes (Dem)
North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture
Sarah Tabor (Dem)
North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance
Natasha Marcus (Dem)
North Carolina Commissioner of Labor
Braxton Winston II (Dem)
North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction
Mo Green (Dem)
North Carolina Treasurer
Gabriel Esparza (Dem)


North Carolina Supreme Court, Allison Riggs' seat
Allison Riggs (Dem, Incumbent)
North Carolina Court of Appeals, Hunter Murphy's seat
No Democratic Candidate Running



Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners At-Large
Leigh Altman (Dem, Incumbent)
Arthur Griffin Jr. (Dem, Incumbent)
Yvette Townsend-Ingram (Dem)
Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners District 2
Vilma Leake (Dem, Incumbent)
Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners District 3
Felicia Thompkins (Dem)