Spread the word about Blue Voter Guide!

Materials to spread the word about BVG, including video, QR code, yard sign, 25 tips, handouts, self-printing materials, and t-shirts.
Image of frustrated woman at ballot box.
Watch the video, then share it!
QR code of link to Blue Voter Guide.
QR Code
Download or copy link to share!
Blue Voter Guide sign to build the blue wave planted in a grassy area.
Yard Sign
Decorate your lawn to spread the word.
Ocean wave.
Build the Blue Wave
20+ ways you can help spread the word about BVG.
Postcard and map.
Order your stack of postcard-sized handouts to share liberally at gatherings.
Printer and handout.
Print Your Own
Download and print your own handouts./figcaption>
T-shirt front and back.
Spread the word with a body billboard.