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Vote Mama

Increasing the political power of Democratic moms by disrupting the systems that hold women back through direct financial support, mentorship, and endorsements.

Vote Mama

Attorney General of Arizona

Kris Mayes

Attorney General of Florida

Aramis Ayala

Attorney General of Georgia

Jen Jordan

Wisconsin Treasurer

Gillian Battino

California Controller

Malia Cohen

Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture

Nakita Hemingway

U.S. House Arizona District 6

Kirsten Engel

U.S. House California District 37

Sydney Kamlager

U.S. House Florida District 27

Annette Taddeo

U.S. House Georgia District 5

Nikema Williams

U.S. House North Carolina District 11

Jasmine Beach-Ferrara

U.S. Senate Wisconsin

Sarah Godlewski

Arizona State Senate District 18

Priya Sundareshan

Arizona House of Representatives District 8

Athena Salman

California State Senate District 36

Kim Carr

California State Senate District 38

Catherine Blakespear

California State Assembly District 12

Sara Aminzadeh

California State Assembly District 40

Pilar Schiavo

California State Assembly District 47

Christy Holstege

Florida State Senate District 38

Janelle Perez

Florida House of Representatives District 39

Tiffany Hughes

Georgia House of Representatives District 90

Saira Draper

North Carolina State Senate District 17

Sydney Batch

North Carolina House of Representatives District 36

Julie von Haefen

North Carolina House of Representatives District 73

Diamond Staton-Williams

Pennsylvania House of Representatives District 151

Melissa Cerrato

Pennsylvania House of Representatives District 33

Mandy Steele

Mayor of Oakland

Sheng Thao

Orange County Board of Supervisors District 4

Sunny Park

Florida Sixth Judicial Circuit State Attorney

Allison Miller

Irvine City Council

Kathleen Treseder