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Candidates for Common Good

Candidates for Common Good have committed themselves to leading with values consistent with the common good.

Candidates for Common Good

U.S. House Arizona District 1

Jevin Hodge

U.S. House California District 1

Max Steiner

U.S. House California District 2

Jared Huffman

U.S. House California District 16

Rishi Kumar

U.S. House California District 36

Ted Lieu

U.S. House California District 37

Jan Perry

U.S. House California District 41

Will Rollins

U.S. House California District 45

Jay Chen

U.S. House California District 47

Katie Porter

U.S. House California District 49

Mike Levin

U.S. House Florida District 1

Rebekah Jones

U.S. House Florida District 3

Danielle Hawk

U.S. House Florida District 4

LaShonda Holloway

U.S. House Florida District 8

Joanne Terry

U.S. House Florida District 19

Cindy Banyai

U.S. House Florida District 26

Christine Olivo

U.S. House Georgia District 6

Bob Christian

U.S. House Georgia District 9

Michael Ford

U.S. House Georgia District 10

Tabitha Johnson-Green

U.S. House Georgia District 11

Antonio Daza-Fernandez

U.S. House Georgia District 14

Marcus Flowers

U.S. House North Carolina District 3

Barbara Gaskins

U.S. House North Carolina District 4

Valerie Foushee

U.S. House North Carolina District 8

Scott Huffman

U.S. House North Carolina District 11

Jasmine Beach-Ferrara

U.S. House Pennsylvania District 1

Ashley Ehasz

U.S. House Pennsylvania District 17

Christopher Deluzio

U.S. House Texas District 2

Robin Fulford

U.S. House Texas District 5

Tartisha Hill

U.S. House Texas District 13

Kathleen Brown

U.S. House Texas District 16

Veronica Escobar

U.S. House Texas District 21

Claudia Zapata

U.S. House Texas District 23

John Lira

U.S. House Texas District 24

Jan McDowell

U.S. House Texas District 30

Jasmine Crockett

U.S. House Wisconsin District 5

Mike Van Someren

U.S. Senate Pennsylvania

John Fetterman

Arizona House of Representatives District 21

Stephanie Stahl Hamilton

North Carolina House of Representatives District 28

Wendy May

Texas State Senate District 17

Titus Benton

Tarrant County Clerk

Linsey Fagan