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Kern County Democratic Party

The Kern County Democratic Central Committee is your connection to the party. Central Committee works register and educate voters, recruit outstanding candidates for elected office, and win elections.

Kern County Democratic Party

U.S. House California District 20

Marisa Wood

U.S. House California District 22

Rudy Salas

California State Senate District 12

Susanne Gundy

California State Senate District 16

Melissa Hurtado

California State Assembly District 35

Leticia Perez

Kern Community College District Governing Board Trustee Area 3

Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg

Bakersfield City Council Ward 1

Eric Arias

Bakersfield City Council Ward 7

Manpreet Kaur

Bakersfield City Board of Education Trustee Area 2

Anthony Fuentes

Proposiciones / Medidas

Proposition 31California Proposition 31: California Flavored Tobacco Products Ban Referendum (2022)

Se recomienda votar "Yes"

Proposition 26California Proposition 26: Legalize Sports Betting on American Indian Lands Initiative (2022)

Se recomienda votar "Yes"

Proposition 27California Proposition 27: Legalize Sports Betting and Revenue for Homelessness Prevention Fund Initiative (2022)

Se recomienda votar "No"

Proposition 29California Proposition 29: Dialysis Clinic Requirements Initiative (2022)

Se recomienda votar "Yes"

Proposition 28California Proposition 28: Art and Music K-12 Education Funding Initiative (2022)

Se recomienda votar "Yes"

Proposition 30California Proposition 30: Tax on Income Above $2 Million for Zero-Emissions Vehicles and Wildfire Prevention Initiative (2022)

Se recomienda votar "Yes"

Proposition 1California Proposition 1: California Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment (2022)

Se recomienda votar "Yes"