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BOLD Democratic PAC

Dedicated to increasing diversity in the House and Senate. Championing progressive Democrats fighting for change.

BOLD Democratic PAC

U.S. House Arizona District 1

Jevin Hodge

U.S. House Arizona District 2

Tom O'Halleran

U.S. House California District 9

Josh Harder

U.S. House California District 14

Eric Swalwell

U.S. House California District 45

Jay Chen

U.S. House California District 47

Katie Porter

U.S. House Florida District 10

Maxwell Frost

U.S. House Florida District 13

Eric Lynn

U.S. House Florida District 27

Annette Taddeo

U.S. House Georgia District 7

Lucy McBath

U.S. House Nevada District 3

Susie Lee

U.S. House Nevada District 4

Steven Horsford

U.S. House North Carolina District 1

Donald Davis

U.S. House North Carolina District 13

Wiley Nickel

U.S. House Pennsylvania District 5

Mary Scanlon

U.S. House Pennsylvania District 6

Chrissy Houlahan

U.S. House Pennsylvania District 7

Susan Wild

U.S. House Pennsylvania District 8

Matt Cartwright

U.S. House Texas District 7

Lizzie Fletcher

U.S. Senate Arizona

Mark Kelly

U.S. Senate Florida

Val Demings

U.S. Senate North Carolina

Cheri Beasley

U.S. Senate Pennsylvania

John Fetterman

U.S. House Florida District 28

Robert Asencio

U.S. House North Carolina District 14

Jeff Jackson