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The Oregonian Endorsements for Oregon Elections

  • Primary on May 21st 2024

Candidate Endorsements

U.S. House Oregon District 3
Maxine Dexter
U.S. House Oregon District 5
Janelle Bynum
Attorney General of Oregon
Dan Rayfield
Oregon Secretary of State
Tobias Read
Oregon Treasurer
Jeff Gudman
Multnomah County Commission District 4
Vince Jones-Dixon
Multnomah County Commission District 1
Vadim Mozyrsky
Multnomah County Commission District 2
Sam Adams
Multnomah County Commission District 3
Julia Brim-Edwards
Multnomah County District Attorney
Nathan Vasquez
Source: Endorsement Page 1

Propositions / Measures

Urban Flood Safety & Water Quality District, Oregon, Measure 26-243, Flood Infrastructure Bond Measure (May 2024)
Recommends to vote "Yes"

Metro, Oregon, Measure 26-244, Zoo Bond Measure (May 2024)
Recommends to vote "Yes"

Portland, Oregon, Measure 26-245, Fuel Tax Renewal Measure (May 2024)
Recommends to vote "Yes"

Portland Public School District, Oregon, Measure 26-246, Property Tax Levy Renewal (May 2021)
Recommends to vote "Yes"

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