Reproductive Freedom for All

Reproductive Freedom for All

Texas Endorsements

Tags: Women's Rights and Equality

Formerly NARAL Pro-Choice America, has helped lead the charge for over 50 years in the fight for abortion rights, access to birth control, parental leave policies, and pregnancy protections. Learn more

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Reproductive Freedom for All Endorsements for Texas Elections

Candidate Endorsements

U.S. Senate Texas
Colin Allred
U.S. House Texas District 7
Lizzie Pannill Fletcher
U.S. House Texas District 15
Michelle Vallejo
U.S. House Texas District 16
Veronica Escobar
U.S. House Texas District 29
Sylvia Garcia
U.S. House Texas District 32
Julie Johnson
U.S. House Texas District 35
Greg Casar
U.S. House Texas District 37
Lloyd Doggett
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