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« List of all Endorsers Democratic Party of Washoe County

Democratic Party of Washoe County

Washoe Dems support and elect Democrats in local and statewide elections.

Democratic Party of Washoe County

Nevada State Senate District 13

Skip Daly

Nevada State Senate District 16

Aaron Sims

Nevada State Assembly District 24

Sarah Peters

Nevada State Assembly District 25

Selena La Rue Hatch

Nevada State Assembly District 27

Angie Taylor

Nevada State Assembly District 30

Natha Anderson

Nevada State Assembly District 40

Shannon McDaniel

Washoe County School District Board of Trustees District C

Joe Rodriguez

Reno Municipal Court Department 3

Pete Sferrazza

Reno Municipal Court Department 4

Christopher Hazlett-Stevens

Reno Municipal Court Department 4

Henry Sotelo

Reno City Council Ward 2

Naomi Duerr

Reno City Council Ward 4

Meghan Ebert

Washoe County Assessor

Wendy Jauregui-Jackins

Washoe County Commission District 2

Keith Lockard

Washoe County Commission District 3

Marialuz Garcia

Washoe County Commission District 5

Edwin Lyngar

Washoe County Public Administrator

Ellen Stewart

Washoe County Recorder

Kalie Work

Reno Township Justice Court Department 2

Kendra Bertschy