DC Voters for Animals

DC Voters for Animals

District of Columbia Endorsements

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DC Voters for Animals Endorsements for District of Columbia Elections

  • Primary on June 4th 2024

Candidate Endorsements

U.S. House Non-Voting Delegate District of Columbia
Eleanor Holmes Norton
U.S. Shadow Representative District of Columbia
Oye Owolewa
U.S. Shadow Senator District of Columbia
Ankit Jain
Washington D.C. City Council At-large
Robert White
Washington D.C. City Council Ward 2
Brooke Pinto
Washington D.C. City Council Ward 4
Janeese Lewis George
Washington D.C. City Council Ward 7
Ebony Payne
Washington D.C. City Council Ward 8
Salim Adofo
Source: Endorsement Page 1

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