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24 Easy Ways You Can Help It

1) Show It

The video is the most effective way to tell others about Blue Be sure to include the link when you spread the word:

2) Send It

Send an email right now to tell a friend about Blue Voter Guide. (Be sure to sign it personally so it doesn’t seem like spam.)

3) Describe It

Need words to describe Check out our email template, copy and paste what you need. Want a shorter version? Here’s a short template.

4) Tell It

Tell three people about Be sure to share the video.

5) Triple It

Ask each of them to tell three more people about, and to share the video with them.

6) Socialize It

Share on your social media accounts.

7) Follow It

Join the Blue Voter Guide Facebook group and follow BVG on Twitter and Instagram. Like and share posts!

8) Social Storm It

Join a Field Team 6 Social Storm and push out Blue Voter Guide posts HERE.

9) Pitch It

If you’re a member of a progressive organization, ask them to share with membership.

10) Stick It

Order a sign HERE and plant it in your yard!

11) Pass It

Grab a stack of Blue Voter Guide handout cards and share liberally at gatherings. Order them HERE. They’re free–you only pay for shipping. Download graphic to print your own HERE.

12) Wear It

Order your T-shirts HERE.

13) Influence It

Do you know an “influencer” or someone who does? Tell them about

14) Link It

Do you have a website, or are you part of a political group that does? Link to on the site.

15) Embed It

Go the full nine yards! Embed on its own page of your website. Email us for the embed code at

16) Brand It

We can create a branded version of with your organization logo, for free. Email us at

17) Join It is a volunteer powered organization. We have big plans for 2024 and beyond. Let us know if you’d like to be a part of it!

18) Use and Share It

Use to create your ballot. Share it with friends, family, and on social media.

19) Preach It

Become a Blue Voter Guide Ambassador by emailing with “Ambassador! Yes!” in the subject line. We’ll equip you to speak about to progressive organizations.

20) Artwork it

Here’s a page of Blue Voter Guide art you can download and use.

21) Build it

Share this page ( with other enthusiasts, volunteers, and activists who want to help get the word out.

22) Donate to It

Every dime goes to making better and getting the word out! Contribute HERE.

23) VOTE!

Need to check or change your registration? Here you go:

24) Assess It

Tell us about a site problem or suggest an improvement. Have another idea? We’d love to hear it: