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Blue Voter Guide makes voting easy by clearly showing the endorsements of a wide range of progressive organizations. Blue Voter Guide will show your ballot for all national offices, all statewide offices and ballot measures, and your state legislators. If you live in a large population county or in a state capital, you'll see local races as well.

Our data is sourced from a neutral, non-partisan not-for-profit organization focused on politics and policy, which exclusively relies on official information.

For an in-depth view of Blue Voter Guide, check out this interview on The Great Battlefield Podcast.

Your information is not retained or tracked by us, nor is it available to third parties.


Blue Voter Guide has been made possible by the work of many volunteers, including Holiday Adair, Janet Algase, Greg Bartlett, Alan Berman, Sarah Bihms, Brittney Brim, Melanie Burgess, Randy Caruso, Annette Damey, Gerhard Engel, Lori Howell, Ellen J., Ellen L., Susan L., Wayne Liebman, Kathleen Mowdy, Kim Nava, Jane Neumann, Kristin Olliney-Apruzzese, D.R.R., Debbie Savage, Leah Shepperd